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All packages are shipped with maximum discretion and are prepared with the utmost care and precaution, specifically to minimize the parcel size. Delivery is guaranteed worldwide.


PRIORITY AIRMAIL SHIPPING                                                                            

This type of shipping does NOT require signature. Usually, 80% of airmail packages arrive under 10 days, while 15% will arrive in 10-14 days and still others will show up at around 20 working days. This is a reflection of inconsistencies with various postal representatives and not services provided by us. If an order fails to arrive, please read Seizures & Demaged Items and email us to fix the problem. Regular Mail Shipment is delivered via first-class, priority airmail. 
Regular shipping cost is $20 per parcel.

If the order is extremely large, we guarantee the order will be divided into the necessary amount of packages. No matter how large your order is, we guarantee the same discretion, packaging and care as with a small order. Regardless of size, your order is important to us. Our customers are the people who keep us in business, and we know that every order, to every individual person, is important and it is equally important to us to maintain our high standards of commerce to everyone who chooses to use our service. 

When you ship to PO BOX or PMB BOX shipping name must match the name you rented mailbox. Otherwise, they will not leave the package in your mailbox, even is same number.


200$ + shipping fee.

No minimum for Bitcoin payments.

This is so we are able to provide both first-rate service as well as unsurpassed packing. We have been providing these services for over 20 years and for this reason we do not take smaller orders. Small orders would be useless to gain the trust of customers as long as we have excellent references for so many years.



Keep in mind that there are a couple of possible situations that can occur with your order to cause delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, then exportation, as well as shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance) and finally, the local and national postal service in the destination country. Each successive step has an impact on the delivery time. Even if the majority of these steps are successfully executed in a timely manner, inefficiency or temporary inactivity during any single step is enough to extend delivery time over the usual and allotted time frame. Holidays are another factor that can cause delays. We can therefore take no responsibility for delays caused by factors that are not under our control. Also, you must keep in mind that if you are ordering an international shipment, countries that it may pass through can recognize federal holidays that yours may not. As an example, Commonwealths of England typically observe Guy Fawkes Day as a national holiday, while they certainly would not celebrate the 4th of July as America would. 

We ship the orders in maximum 1-2 days after the funds are received. If there is any delay on sending part which is our fault, we will include extra products that will cover the shipping cost, as our way of apologizing for the delay.



Even though everything is shipped with maximum discretion and care to insure no problems and we have a very high rate of successful deliveries (99%), anytime there is a low risk with any international shipping that customs will stop a shipment for inspection. Since the success rate is over 99%, delivery is guaranteed. However, in the highly unlikely event that if your package is detained by customs, we will reship 50% of the order, upon presentation of the original seizure letter in the original envelope it came in. Please make sure you keep both, in the highly unlikely event that an order is seized. Due to the superiority of our packaging methods, it is very common that a seized product was seized because of a problem in the customer’s country, not with the packaging. For example, the United States as well as Canada, any package coming from an international venue can be opened at will by customs. Many people don’t know this, and assume that probable cause or reasonable suspicion is necessary. This is not true and any package from overseas can be opened and inspected for any reason. Often, in the cases of the packages from us that are opened, a customer is receiving several packages every month from China, some from Thailand and then some from us and this type of activity often causes customs to inspect packages. Despite this, we have less than 1% of our packages opened. However, since the problem with those opened packages is not with our packaging or shipping methods, we simply ask the customer to provide us with the seizure letter and envelope and we will resend 50% of the order. We will not refund any orders that have been detained by customs.

When you receive the order and you find damaged, different or less items that you ordered please take some pictures with your camera. We replace only packages that look real before you opened and removing from original package. Once you unwrapped everything is no use to make any picture because we will not take them in consideration.