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February/March offer:
DHC Continus (Dihydrocodeine)  120mg (by NAPP/Mundipharma)  1 pill  3$
DHC Continus (Dihydrocodeine)   90mg (by NAPP/Mundipharma)  1 pill  2$
0xyCont*n  10mg  (by NAPP/Mundipharma)  30 pills  200$
0xyCont*n  20mg  (by NAPP/Mundipharma)  30 pills  400$
0xyCont*n  80mg  (by NAPP/Mundipharma)  20 pills  750$
                                                                                  30 pills  950$

0xidol*r  80mg ("old formula" Oxy*codone by Lannacher-Austria)  20 pills  650$
                                                                                                                          30 pills  850$
0xidol*r  40mg ("old formula" Oxy*codone by Lannacher-Austria)  30 pills  400$
Regenon (Amfepramone)  25mg  10 caps  30$ - Amphetaminic medicine
Ultram/Tramadol  150mg  90 pills  50$
Ultram/Tramadol  200mg  90 pills  90$

Xanax 1mg (generic)  450 pills  250$

Xanax 0.5mg (generic)  450 pills  150$
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